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Our Mission Statement

We have just established the Fingal Rowing Club (FRC) which is now the 10 th rowing club within the East Coast Rowing Council and based in Balbriggan, North County Dublin. FRC is a community-based and volunteer-driven organization, dedicated to developing young people and adults in the art and sport of rowing by creating an environment that challenges, inspires and teaches team work, sportsmanship, athleticism and camaraderie through competitive and recreational opportunities.

In order to meet our mission and provide services in our community, we rely on the generosity and support of both individuals and businesses alike. Without the assistance of community-minded individuals like yourself, we would not be able to provide this service to the community.

Irish East Coast Rowing

Our style of coastal rowing is undertaken by crews of four with one sweep oar each, and a coxswain.The boats are wooden clinker-built skiffs. Clinker built skiffs were once one of the most numerous type of working craft found along the eastern seaboard of Ireland.

Regattas in Ireland

Our club compete in regattas all along the East Coast, every Sunday from May to August. Each club, affiliated with the ECRC take turns to host their own regatta, giving all the opportunity to visit many beautiful towns during the summer season.

Our History

Skiff racing has its origins in the trade of hobbling. Hobblers were freelance pilots, and competition was strong to be the first to lay claim to the approaching ships. Not only did the successful hobblers receive payment to pilot the ships into port but their employing would also be awarded the contract a loading/unloading those ships whilst in port.

The skiffs worked between Lambay Island just north of Dublin Bay and Wicklow Head, where they required considerable skill on behalf of the oarsmen. The long tradition of this style of coastal rowing is now carried on through the rowing clubs affiliated to East Coast Rowing Council. These clubs can be found around the old Dublin pilot stations of Ringsend and East Wall in Dublin Port, Dun Laoghaire, Dalkey, Bray, Greystones, Wicklow, Arklow, Skerries and Rush.

Read about our first boat, the Saint Joseph an east coast Irish rowing boat called a skiff.

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